Current Covid 19 Regulations for

Meeting Together

9:30 a.m. at the MAS on Sunday Mornings

We have certain guidelines that we will be following such as The State of Minnesota as directed by Governor Walz is allowing churches to open. We have a cap of 250 attendees. We don’t have to worry about that numerical cap as we don’t have that many attendees. While Minnesota feels it is safe to resume services there are some guidelines that they would like for us to practice . While I have added my own communicative flair you get the idea of how things will operate.

1. Family groups should sit together. Your family group is who you arrive with not who you wish they were. No random selecting of family groups.

2. Each family group is to try to sit 6 feet apart from other groups. This is not a strict rule and we wont be using a tape measure to enforce distances.. It is a common sense guideline that may comforts others who are more apprehensive than you regarding C-19.

3. Shaking hands and hugging should be limited to those who love you and not those you love. Think about it for a minute. There you go. I know that some of you are huggers and it just comes naturally. However, this comes back to the common sense concept. Even huggers are somewhat fearful of transmitting the C-virus. The goal is to be sensitive to those who may not think the way you do about this situation (Romans 14).

4. Masks can be worn and should be if you are uncomfortable being in public without one. However, it is not necessary to wear one to be in service.

5. This should go without saying, but if you have a fever, a cough, or other symptoms related to C-19 please stay home. We are counting on your ability to police this policy for yourselves.